About us

Albert de Vries was brought up and educated in the United States. He is a licensed psychologist as well as a licensed private investigator. His specialty of truth verification via voice analysis is enhanced by his background in clinical psychology and 30 years in the field of law enforcement. He is considered to be one of the best voice analysts in the world today.
Albert was formerly Vice President of Nemesysco, Ltd. where he was in charge of research, training and forensic psychology.
Albert is also a graduate of the Israel Police Academy in addition to having served as Major in the Air Force.

Mauricio Yair Palchik was brought up and educated in Argentina. He has advanced degrees in pyschophysiology and is a graduate of the Modan Polygraph School.
Mauricio has been involved with voice analysis for nearly 10 years and together with his rich background in polygraph testing brings a powerful professional combination to the table.

Armand de Vries is a native of the Netherlands and grew up and was educated in the United States. He speaks four languages and has attended various university programs both in the United States and in the Netherlands. His expertise is in the field of neurological physiology diagnostics and technical testing and this lead him in the direction of manufacturing technology. Additional areas of expertise are in the field of school security protocol, terrorist threats, voice analysis and truth verification. He also lectures on US history and Holocaust studies to various study groups.With his diverse background, Armand brings an important component to the Nemesysco Service Center. Armand is married with 4 children and numerous grandchildren and has resided in Long Beach, California for the past 33 years.

Together we speak 9 languages which gives us the ability to analyze materials in the source language.